Why do I need a service contract

Ensuring your security system is in good working order and is kept in good condition is vital to making sure your staff, visitors and premises are always safe and secure. We provide 24 hour emergency cover to give you peace of mind we’re here when you need us.

So what other benefits are there to having a service contract?

Saving you money
Having a regular service for your security system will help ensure the maximum component life and will mean lower downtime for your system. You will also save money by avoiding any non-contracted hourly rates.

Current industry standards including EN Standards, SSAIB, Police, the Data Protection Act and Health and Safety Act all require that your security systems is covered and properly maintained.

Insurance companies will usually require you to keep your security system maintained and if no appropriate cover has been arranged it can invalidate any claims made.

What’s included in a preventative inspection?

Intruder system inspections (minimum of 1 each year/2 for monitored systems)

  • Check Control Unit
  • Visual Inspection
  • Check all major components and cabling for signs of deterioration
  • Sounders
  • Measure power & test
  • Remote Signalling
  • Test signal with Monitoring Centre
  • Power
  • Test Battery & Remote Power Supply Unit condition & performance
  • Detectors/Equipment & Fittings
  • Check condition, connections, coverage & performance
  • Engineer paper to be email to customer

(CCTV) Systems

  • Cameras & Housings
  • Check connections, coverage, movement*, performance & focus
  • Brackets & Fixings
  • Check signs of corrosion or damage
  • Recording device
  • Check quality and accuracy of playback/retrieved images
  • Telemetry & Display Controls
  • Check operation and adjust for best picture
  • Alarm Inputs
  • Engineer paper to be email to customer

Access Control Systems

  • Door Mechanisms & Readers
  • Clean & check units & connections
  • Visual Inspection
  • Inspect all major components and cabling for signs of deterioration
  • Control Unit
  • Keypads
  • Check for correct operation
  • Review Software
  • Test Power Supply & Back-up Unit condition & performance
  • Alarm Inputs
  • Engineer paper to be email to customer