IP Cameras

It is expected that IP surveillance will shortly dominate the video surveillance market, with network cameras and video servers being major trends.

Classic Alarms IP Cameras: IP network cameras are also known as network cameras. IP cameras or internet video cameras, transmits live digital video over an Ethernet network to devices such as computers or 3G phones making this form of surveillance accessible almost anywhere and much more convenient when compared to conventional CCTV.

Accessibility: Images from network cameras can be viewed with a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, enabling you to perform live viewing. In addition, customers can control and manage multiple cameras at the same time in any place where a network connection is available.

Applications: IP surveillance is being used in a wide variety of applications, typically: transport, government, industry, construction, healthcare, banking, education, retail, recreation, residential surveillance, digital home, mobile surveillance, elderly care, baby and pet viewing.